Earth is the third planet from the
It is the largest of
the four inner planets. T

      Earth is often called the "Water
Planet" because it is the only planet in our solar system which has
liquid water on its surface. About 70% of the surface of Earth is
covered by water!
 The other
part of Earth is made up of continents and islands which have different
landforms on them. Examples of landforms are mountains, and plains.
Because Earth has so much water, plants and animals can live on Earth.
       Earth spins very quickly
compared to other planets. It only takes Earth 24 hours to spin around
its axis one time. One Earth day is 24 hours long!!!
 Earth orbits the sun
in 365 days! This makes one Earth year 365 days long!!! 

Earth has big oceans
and a lot of water vapor in the air. Earth has clouds made of water
vapor. Earth has an atmosphere with a lot of oxygen in it for us to
rest of our "air" is made up of nitrogen, carbon
dioxide and other gases. 

Earth is the only planet in our solar system which has all the
conditions that are needed for animals, plants, and humans to live on
is plenty of water for them to drink, and/or live in. Earth has air
which plants and animals can breathe. The temperature on Earth is just
right for plants, animals, and humans. Different parts of Earth have
different temperatures, but plants, animals, and humans can live in
almost all areas of Earth.
the other inner planets, Earth has volcanoes. Earth's volcanoes are
different from those on other planets, because they still erupt.
Scientists think that there may be volcanoes on other planets and moons
in our solar system that may still be active. They are still studying
Earth has one moon
which we call "The Moon".
 Its surface
has many craters on it from where meteorites have hit it. It has many
volcanoes on it which do not erupt anymore. We can see the moon at
night without using a telescope. It is the closest space object to our
on the picture of the moon for more information!